It’s technically November 2nd, but this is about November 1st. My first day of entering the No Zone.

I did well, I think. Did I eat great stuff? Well, not the bestest, but better than what I might’ve eaten otherwise.

Bagel for breakfast, peanut butter sandwich X 2 for lunch, and turkey burgers for dinner.

LOTS OF BREAD. I know. However, it’s better than 2 bagels, a burger & fries, several candy bars, gobstoppers, and God knows what else.

Turkey burgers and wheat bread. I love turkey/chicken burgers. The grocery store didn’t have chicken burgers, so turkey it was.

I felt good about the day. I talked more with my sister, she mocked(in a funny way) the idea by sending me text photos of the snacks she encountered throughout the day.

One day down. 62 to go. Bam!