Entering TwoFortyLand

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Hello friends! Yesterday I reached the 240s for the first time in more than a year. Rejoice!

I’m sorry I can’t actually say much about it, but I promise I will next week.  This has been a crazy busy week and a week that concluded with me being hired for a job that starts on Tuesday. Needless to say, I’m happy about just about everything right now.

I’m going scuba diving again this weekend, so I’m looking forward to that. As a result, I’ll be missing in action until possibly Tuesday.

Read the blogs on my link page, because they keep me going and maybe they’ll keep you going too.

Have a great weekend!


Pissed Off M’F’er, Checkin’ In #35

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These are the only two pics I took today. I only biked 8 miles. I actually labeled it ‘Aborted Ride’ in my route list, because that’s what it felt like.

I’ve been cranky all day. Maybe it’s the changing weather. I’ve hit headwind a million times, and today I just didn’t want to deal with it.


I’m now less than 20 miles from 300. I highly doubt I will reach 100 miles for August, but maybe something wild and crazy will happen between now and the first of September. There’s a great chance I’ll match my total from June. We shall see, though.

That’s about all I have for right now. I’m going to veg out tonight and see if I can get my head back in it to bike tomorrow.

Put Your Mind To It


“Well, whenever you put your mind to something, you always stick to it.”

I was hanging out today while the girlfriend was watching a bunch of the Harry Potter movies on the Family channel, and during random banter, she said the line above.  It was related to my weight loss journey, but it wasn’t like she was trying to be a cheerleader. She meant it in the grand scheme of things. When I want to do something really well, I’m almost always fully engaged in it. When I want to learn something new, I immerse myself in it. I really gobble up as much as I can about whatever it is.

The thing is, I’m not a type A person who goes all in or not at all. Sometimes I’m kind of interested in something, sometimes I learn just enough to understand. I’ve had jobs where I’ve just done enough to get by.

So that was her point;when I truly enjoy something, I get very involved in it. Biking, for instance, I’m very involved. I’ve researched biking and commuting and all the various things associated with it. I recently started looking at coins more closely following a chat with an old numismatist. Maybe I won’t become a numismatist, but I’ve thrown myself into it to find out if it’s something that could become a hobby.

This journey is, I’m realizing, the first time I truly put my mind to it. There’s a reason I’ve lost nearly 20 pounds since June. I’m constantly thinking about it. I’m not letting excuses change my direction. Occasionally push me back? Sure, but I haven’t given up when I normally would.

It’s a great feeling, when you realize that this time it’s different.

Man Defeats Machine, Checkin’ In #34

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My sister and my friend are visiting this weekend, and my friend forgot his bag at a bakery he went to on Friday. So, he needed to get his bag before heading out for another trip he was making this weekend.

I took the opportunity to attempt a great feat; race the train. My friend left my apartment on foot when I left by bike. I made lots of jokes that he was going to sit on his ass and eat a muffin while I was huffing and puffing.

I wasn’t kidding. He was making a breakfast snack for the ride!

We left, and I was riding amazingly well for the route I took. There’s a hill that I’ve started calling Heartbreak Hill, because it slowly inclines, turns and inclines even more. Today though, I didn’t stop at all. I powered through and found that I wasn’t even that tired.

45 minutes after I left, I find myself at the middle of the Manhattan Bridge, about 20 minutes earlier than every other trip I’ve made over any bridges in NYC.

I followed directions given by Google Maps, and ended up on this short cobble stone road in Chinatown. Good road though, for getting to the next block over.

I turned left and headed up another street. I noticed there were barricades and I thought maybe there was a weird block party in Manhattan. I saw 5 such things in Brooklyn during my trip. It wasn’t a block party though. It was Summer Streets, something I never heard of before today. Long story short, the city blocks off an entire avenue stretching much of the borough, and bikers/bladers/runners/walkers take over for three Saturdays in August. It was great because I caught the tail end of it and was able to cruise easily up 15 blocks.

Nothing beats a clear open road. It really was awesome. This is 4th Avenue approaching Union Square.

I arrived at the bakery a solid 20 minutes before my friend did. The one bad thing is I started cramping up a bit.

I set off after seeing my friend and made a few roundabout route changes before deciding to face the Williamsburg Bridge again. I’ve mentioned it here before. My goal was to ride all the way over with only one break at the top of the bridge. It was successful, so it was a doubly great day with pushing myself to new limits.

Here’s the approach. I think the low heat today had a big impact on pushing myself.

Here’s where I rested.

I didn’t take anymore photos, but I’ve shown pics of my route home this way in other posts.

All around, a good day. May not bike again until Monday. I covered 24 miles today. 275 since I started. Woohoo!

Still In TwoFiftyLand!

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Now, with a entry title of ‘Still In TwoFiftyLand’, you might think it would be a depressing post. An ‘OH MY GOD, I HAVEN’T SHIFTED TO TWOFORTYLAND!!1!’. Alas, you will not get that from me. Nope.


Because on July 16th, I had a post rejoicing that I had entered the 250s. It’s a bit more than a month later and I’m still in the 250s. Yes, that kind of sucks. However, considering the blip I stumbled into, I’m fairly okay with where I am today.

I’m not in TwoSixtyLand, and I’m definitely not in TwoSeventyLand. So, I’m just going to toot my horn that I have maintained myself in TwoFiftyLand for more than a month.

However, this is an eviction notice. I’ve been in TwoFiftyLand for a month, which is long enough to be required to pay rent. I ain’t payin’ rent on TwoFiftyLand! In this case, I don’t want the ‘spare bedroom’.

I’m 95% sure I’m going biking Saturday morning. My sister and a friend are coming to town for a visit, so it might interfere with my plan…but I’m going to do everything I can to make it happen. This also means I may not post again until Sunday. The VFS(w)M may miss a week. We shall see.

I want 100 miles on the bike this month, so I have some work to do.

Have a great day!

Back On The Wheels, Checkin’ In #33


For the first time in 9 days, I got back on the bike.  It felt good! I went to meet the lady at an outdoor movie event and added a few blocks of riding to get my mileage up.

I haven’t had a shadow pic in a while, and this is further along the shore route that I so frequently take. The route splits away from the coast here and merges with a service road further up ahead. I generally take this route to the coast in a roundabout way, and then loop back up into the residential area.

Since I was staying near the coast, I decided to ride along the perimeter of the coastal community.

Though it’s impossible to understand, normally when I’m on this road, I will be facing the other way. I never biked this way before, but I’m glad I did. I biked about 2.5-3 miles down and turned left towards the ocean. Basically Coney Island is a peninsula rather than an island and I circled around that peninsula.

The world famous parachute jump is visible from just about anywhere in Coney Island, and for the second straight summer the Barnum & Bailey circus is in town. Coney Island is a great place and the circus is the kind of thing that helps revitalize the community. Someday, Coney Island will return to its glory days.

I arrived at my destination, just in time for one of the greatest cartoons of all time:

A little while longer, Mama Mia started. It’s a remarkably silly movie, but I can see how some people might absolutely love it. I’m not a gigantic Abba fan, so I could take it or leave it.

Not too shabby.

I didn’t bike home, because the girlfriend didn’t have her bike. I ended up going just over 8 miles, which gives me 250 miles since June 16th. I’m now halfway to my first biking goal. If I start commuting to work, I’ll blast through the miles. Good stuff all around. It’s supposed to rain tonight, so I’m not sure if I’ll get out for a good ride. We’ll see, though!

Teaming Up With Family, Checkin’ In #32


My sister is a constant partner in the battle of the bulge. We talk about many problems we both face, and it’s really great because there’s no concern about being worried what either of us will think about what’s being said. There’s just straight talk about where we are with things.

Sometimes she’s riding high on her habits and it helps me rededicate myself. Sometimes it’s the reverse.

We share different theories about things, but we’re always comparing and contrasting. Sometimes we end up agreeing with one another, and other times we fall away from our original thinking.

She used to blog about her weight loss, but then stopped. Sort of like me, I guess, in that she was identifiable and people who knew her followed her blog. With my recent return to anonymity, I suggested she do the same. She says she has, so hopefully it will help her like it has helped me.

I’ve been researching commuting by bike, mainly reading Paul Dorn’s Bike Commuting Tips and the various links that link off from there.

Currently my only problem is determining the pros and cons of investing in a garment bag pannier for my bike. I’ll need to get one because I can’t store clothes at work, and I need to wear a shirt and tie.

I’m going biking tomorrow and meeting the lady friend at an outdoor movie. Since the location’s only about 8 miles away, I’m going to try to do a different route there to add a few miles. I’m not biking home, because she won’t have her bike. Soo, I’m hoping to get 14-15 miles in at least. I haven’t biked in more than a week.

I’m also considering an alcohol free month…which is something I’ve been toying with for several months. In addition to being a healthy choice, I think it might be a good way to right a few things in my head. Not that I have a drinking problem,…it’s more of a realization of noticing heightened emotional states; something very much out of character for me. It’s a culmination of a lot of things, and it might just be time to address things upstairs. This would be a good step.

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