Bike2K: Bridges and Parks and Ocean, Oh My!

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I have biked almost 45 miles over the last two days, and I actually feel pretty good. I’m hoping to do a ride tomorrow, even if it’s short.

I feel like I’ve broken into the summer session of riding, where I’m pushing myself pretty hard daily. Building up to this since April has played a huge role. I’ve basically added 50 miles a month after doing about 100 in April. Not too shabby. I may reach 200 for June, barring any physical setback. Pushing for 250 for July might be a challenge, but why the hell not?

It’s a little depressing that I’m basically back where I started last summer, but it’s something I brought upon myself. Something tells me that this time it’s a bit different. I’m hoping to see results sooner than later.


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I didn’t end up biking to the bus this weekend, due partly to the weather conditions and partly due to the fact I did 50+ miles in three days.

I’m also going to start running/jogging/woggling, to prepare for a obstacle course run/ride in July. That’s gonna suck, because I hate running….but it’s a great chance to force myself to like running.

I’m going biking tomorrow, hopefully pushing myself to the 150 mile mark for the month, and 400 for the year so far. Not too shabby. This time last year I had less than 100 miles done.

Bike2K, miles & baseballs

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Isn’t it amazing how you can change the direction of your focus, just by doing something? I’ve biked over 30 miles over the last two days, and it has reminded me of how much I enjoyed biking last summer. I really plan on busting the bike out for a record number of miles this year.

Last night I went biking with the gf, and we stopped at the home of the Brooklyn Cyclones, the low level minor league team of the New York Mets. We were going to see about getting cheap seats(lol. All seats are cheap at the Cyclones), and a guy from a local college called us over. Free tickets! Woohoo!

Tonight I went biking alone and did a really big neighborhood loop before heading down to Coney Island and to the minor league park again. I stopped for a drink there, and waited around for 10 minutes before another guy offered me free tickets. I locked up my bike and enjoyed a few innings of baseball. It was fun.

I also passed along a street that doesn’t have an official bike lane, but the shoulder is big enough, it might as well be a bike lane. In NYC, bike lanes create big controversies, politically and legally. It’s kind of funny, in a way, because I’ve probably biked 500 miles on streets without bike lanes. Just get on your bike and go, whether there’s a lane or not. Just be careful!

Body Movin’

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I biked 11 miles tonight, which included a stop at a minor league baseball game. There was a guy giving away free tickets…and I can’t turn down free tickets!

On Friday I’m heading up to Boston to visit friends and family. I decided I’m going to bike to the bus stop in Manhattan, put the bike on the bus, then bike from Boston to my parents house. I think it’ll be fun. On Sunday, I’ll bike to the bus, then bike from where the bus drops me off in Manhattan.

I may do a nice long ride tomorrow, and if so, I’ll post pics afterwards.

Bike2K – 9.5 Miles!

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I did my regular ride, and I determined that it’ll take maybe 210 days of just riding this route to get to 2,000. Of course, I ride other routes that are much longer. This is my I-dont-really-wanna-ride-but-im-gonna-ride route. I took a few photos on and around the bridge that I have to carry my bike over. I call it the weight lifting portion of my workout.

It was a good ride, broke a little sweat. I’m going to see about biking early tomorrow.

Bike2K – 2.18 Miles

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Two days ago I officially started my march towards 2,000 miles in a single year. Technically, June 14 2011 to June 16 2012, but I think 2 days can be forgiven. Especially when there’s a great chance I’ll miss several days in December.

So, here I am. I took a photo of graffiti near my regular bike route, and thought it was great because it’s grammatically correct, for the most part.

I’m going to do my best to take at least one photo for every bike ride on my quest for 2,000 miles.

I’m heading out right now, on the anniversary of the first day I started recording my mileage.


Hello, My Name Is Michael.

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A year ago I arrived on the blogosphere as Going For 96.

Today I decided to take some¬†ownership of this blog. ¬†Instead of writing behind the anonymous name, I’m taking this on. Why not?

This photo above is me right before I reached my goal of 1,000 miles biked since starting on June 16th, 2010.

When this project started, I wanted to bike 500 miles and estimated that it would take 50 rides averaging about 10 miles. I’m pumped that I was able to ride 1,000 miles in 83 days of biking.

My next goal is 2,000 miles before June 16th, 2012. Not an additional 1,000 miles, but 2,000 miles over a year.

I was talking with a cyclist who averages 5,000 miles a year. That’s an AMAZING number! I hope to some day reach that level.

This is also kind of a reboot. I need to get back into this, and today’s the first day.

Goal Achieved

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I’ve reached 1,000 Miles biked, with 4 days to spare since I started biking.

I haven’t blogged at all recently…but it doesn’t mean I’m not working things out.


I’m having a bit of a writer’s bloc. I’m not sure how to put into words, the things going on.


For the 2 or 3 readers, thanks for sticking around.