Stretched Thin

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I’m working 9-5 and writing for another site almost nightly and editing a site nearly every morning.

When I started the blog, I was mostly unemployed.

I’m not going anywhere, I’m just trying to make sense of my sporadic posting over the last few weeks.

It’ll be better by March.

It sure as shit better be better.

I’m actually doing really well. I just don’t physically have the time to blog about it.

I’m Still Here!!

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I went to two broadway shows, a museum re-opening, and went home for a visit. That’s why I haven’t blogged. Have no fear, my friends!


Back at it Tuesday night!

Makin’ Sandwiches

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Part of my success was when I was making sandwiches, or making salads for my lunches. The slippery slope starts, a lot of the times, when I’m buying lunch. That stopped today. I brought my lunch. I’ll bring my lunch tomorrow too.

Are sandwiches the best? Maybe not, but it’s better than a burger & fries & a coke. First steps lead to big giant steps. So, here we go.


Too Sunny To Pass It Up

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I biked 2.18 miles today. I did the ride down to the shore and back. My head and legs weren’t cold, but my hands and my torso was. I’m going to try a few different combos with clothes to see what I can do about staying warm.

I went biking, and the temperature outside was 31 degrees.

I thought it went real well, considering I hadn’t taken my bike out since the fourth of October.

I had to go biking. It was too sunny to pass it up.  I never biked in January before, that I remember. Certainly not during my adult life. So, I hope to bust it out again very soon.

Not Even Sure

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I think I was 248 this morning, but I forget. I’ll let ya know if it changes!

Hey, Doc! Update #3

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I have a doctor’s appt on Friday, to get approved for a Scuba adventure this year. Excited to talk with him about things. I was at least 10 lbs heavier last time I saw him.

Holdin’ Steady for the first few days


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I was never really big into resolutions related to weight loss. I was the guy who said ‘This is my last Twix’ instead. I’ve had a lot of lasts.

This time last year, I made some mental notes about what I wanted to achieve in 2010. This blog, and the biking, and the 30 pounds lost, are all a result of the mental notes I made. I actually made my 2010 resolutions to begin on February 1st. I even had a status update that said something along the lines of ‘You have 11 months before the year ends. Plenty of time to make changes.’

Now, I’m sure part of that makes you think, ‘well, dude, you just said you never believed in resolutions’. Well, I don’t. My sister does. My sister battles the bulge like myself, and she’ll say maybe a little more than I do. We’re a great tag team in this fight. The post I made then was sort of for her, and for anyone who needed to look at thing differently.

While writing this, I realize my resolutions from February 2010 didn’t really start taking place until June. Is it June I started, or February? Does it matter? I don’t think so. As long as you start. As long as you get it rolling, then your ‘New Year’ can be whatever day you want.

I have ideas for 2011, but I’m still working them out in my head. One thing I’d like to do is get 2 30 Days of Biking completed. April & September. Might be tough, but I’d like to give it a whirl.

That’s about it tonight. Onward!

Steady As We Go, Checkin’ In #2

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Stayin’ at 249.5. Not too shabby. Feeling good.

That’s all I have right now, will likely check in again tonight.

In The Flux

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I haven’t weighed myself daily in weeks, so I think it’ll be a few days before my weight gets back to some sense of normalcy. I’m going to do what I can to record it every day, but suspect it won’t actually happen every single day.

In other news, I thought I’d share some photos of stuff I received for Christmas!

A bike pump! You’d think, what’s the big deal? For the 600+ miles I biked in 2010, I used a portable small pump that strapped to my bike. I didn’t realize how inadequate that was until I pumped the tires with this bad boy. I grossly under inflated my tires!!! I think I will bust out the bike very soon to see how it feels with real inflation.

Road light! Very exciting. As you can see, I already have a reflector light..but this light gives me some road view. A few times in the fall, I couldn’t see the road in front of me. I really would like to try this out sooner than later. The girlfriend’s bike is next to mine. The black thing to the right of the light is the holder of a basket. I think I’ll need to adjust a few things if I plan on having both on at the same time. The basket was free, so I’m not overly concerned.

A 7(or maybe 8?) inch cable. Originally this was for to lock the seat to the frame, but it’s just short, so I’ll use it to lock the front tire to the frame. As you can see, I have a rear reflector light too. You can never be too seen, IMO!

A U Lock! Yay! To lock the frame to whatever I need. You can see the regular cable lock along with it. My girlfriend asked me who could possibly need that many locks. My theory is I will need all of them when I commute to work via bike.

That’s basically my news of the day. I’m going to try taking more photos and being more interactive..or multimedia-like anyway.

Feelin’ Gooooood.

A New Year, Changes Renewed, Checkin’ In #1

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I had 64 updates last year, in a year that my blog didn’t really start up until June. By November I vanished from blogging again. I think I peaked around August & September when biking ruled the world.

I put my weight on the sidebar. I’m up 12 pounds in about 6 weeks. I’m still 18 down from my starting weight.

This isn’t a Fall Off The Wagon post. I didn’t fall off the wagon. I relaxed on some things, and I essentially stopped any sort of physical activities. I didn’t forget my journey, and I didn’t return to many of my previous habits. Some of them, yes, but I’ve mentally turned a corner….or I should say I’m turning that corner.

My one activity was a 45 minute Spin Class that featured bikes that leaned and handlebars that turned. It kicked my ass to the point I was sore for a good week.

I’ve also been employed since the day after I stopped blogging. That, coupled with an increased demand to write for another unrelated blog, is what really took me away.

Well, yes, I slumped much harder than I expected this holiday season…but I didn’t slump entirely. I didn’t ignore the blog because I was guilty of eating like a fucking idiot. I ignored it because I had other stuff going on. I used to blog at all hours of the day; now my blogging time is shorter and it’s spread over a few different things.

That being said, I’m back. For Christmas I received a lot of cycling equipment that I’ll start using when the 2 feet of snow recede a little bit. A bike light, extra locks, a bonafide pump. Stuff ya need!

I’m going to explore the blogosphere, see how you guys are doing. Maybe find new friends, too.

Thanks for sticking around, if you have!

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