I hit the gym for the first time since I can remember. Perhaps sometime in 2015? Definitely not in 2016, it just didn’t happen.

In three weeks I am hiking up to Lonesome Lake in New Hampshire. I’ve done this hike maybe¬†6 times already. It’s an easy 1.6 mile hike on well traveled paths. However, I always end up winded, tired, and worn out. My goal is to feel less of all these things by the time it’s time to hit the trail.

Today I went to the gym with the intent to work out until I felt as tired as I do when I do this hike. It took about 2 hours to feel this way. I hit 2 different elliptical machines, did a few sets of push ups, lunges, pull ups, and arm pulls(not sure what they’re called). I am not able to do a lot of any of these. However, I’m not disenchanted with that. I just want to improve over time.

An older guy came in towards the end of my time, and he was doing so much more than I was. He must have been twice my age. Again, I’m not disappointed with myself. I’d like to get to his level. It might take all year. Hell, it might take even longer.

img_8868 img_8870

I wrapped up my workout by walking up 10 flights of stairs, and then finishing off by going up and down the last set about 8 times. By then, I felt worn out.

I forgot how much I like that feeling. I worked my body out, worked my heart out.

I’ll keep this going. Boom!