Blendering and Mixing Things Up!

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The two voters won, as nobody else joined in. I ordered the blender today, so maybe by mid-week I’ll have a blender to blog about!

I looked at my blog list and saw a LOT of bloggers that have left the blogosphere. A few have moved and changed their blog titles. A few haven’t blogged since the fall.

Looks like I’ll need to start looking for new bloggers. Start looking for the next generation of weight loss bloggers.

Bloggers and Blender recipes. ..that’s what I need to research!



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Two voters has spoken. Right now, the blender is winning. Will this be the winner?

I’ll choose by Friday!


“You Need To Lose Weight”

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This morning I got up at about 5:30AM, for a 7:30AM test to join a volunteer scuba diving team at the aquarium. My girlfriend and I were really excited about it.

We both did really poorly. I did worse than her, but we both left dejected and mulling over what we should do to fix things.

We hadn’t dove since late August, which happened to be the height of my weight loss regimen during the summer. Aside from the usual rustiness of not diving for 6 months, I struggled with the very basic ability to control my body’s buoyancy.

We talked with the dive leader after the test, and he recommended a few things to get over the hump and because members of the team. One of the last things he said to me was ‘You need to lose weight.’. He wasn’t being mean about it, he was being matter-of-fact. My core strength sucks right now, and it’s because I haven’t been physically active.

I was so tired, I napped in the middle of the day. I haven’t done that since before I started my weight loss changes in June.

My friend told me about an opportunity to join his gym for a month for free.

Seems like this might be a good time to do that.

Which Product Should I Try?

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Here are the options I’m considering:

A Blender?

A Sandwich Maker(press)?

4 piece pop up toaster?

Forget the product review, get a shelf for a home project!

Live a little, get a wine rack!


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What the hell should I have for lunch?

Lunch is always a killer when I’m trying to have a good day, food-wise.

I end up eating late, so the hunger pangs are gigantic, and then I end up craving really crappy options.


I’ll let ya know how it works out!

Help Me Review A Product

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CSN has come to me, and offered me another opportunity to review a product. I’ve done this before and I’ve never asked anyone what I should review. So I’m offering the few brave souls who read my blog to have an input. As you know, CSN has lots of products they sell,like modern office furniture and appliances and everything else.

I’ll have another post with a few options for you to choose from, and we’ll get this show on the road.



Why I almost closed comments

Tony’s reasoning for taking a break

I know, I’m a lazy ass for not updating…but I can’t resist.

I’ll quit blogging the day it ever becomes about more than just my own weight loss.

This isn’t a comment on whether or not someone blogs for themselves or the attention. It’s a comment on the reality that blogs evolve as people do, and sometimes that means the focus shifts off themselves or sometimes(like me, right now) off the grid entirely. There can even be a flux of going back & forth.  The greatest example of this is Billy’s Lean Body Quest. He’s a normal healthy dude after battling…and occasionally returns when he needs a tuneup..and he tosses out some advice, but by & large his blog has become a resource rather than an interactive blog.

I love Tony. I do. I consider him a great inspiration.

Except with blogging.

“It is nice to see a post get 20 comments. 30 is great. 40 is phenomenal.”

I think 40 page views is phenomenal! Over a month! 🙂