My holiday season self challenge starts when I wake up tomorrow.  It doesn’t end until January 2nd, my sister’s birthday. I actually tried to recruit her to join me in this challenge, but I realized the variables are vague, but quite specific to myself and my own journey. That’s one hard reality I’ve faced with weight loss. We can go down the same road, but we’re going to encounter different things on that same road. I’ll still try to recruit her, but in a way that may suit her better.

I’ve never been a fan of naming stuff, especially goals. I don’t like themed attempts at weight loss, but I did all right with the ’30 Day Biking Challenge’, so what the hell.

I thought of naming this the ‘SAY NO TO EVERYTHING’ challenge, or the ‘sNOw Zone’ as a play on the season, or the Right Decisions Campaign, or the No Bullshit Challenge, and briefly considered ‘Click-Clack BLAOW Challenge’.

I settled on ‘The No Zone’. Why?

I’m going to say no to every snack I say yes to so often. I’m saying no to every snack I’ve said ‘this one last time’ to. I’m saying no to every snack I don’t need…which is all of them.

I’m saying no to impulse.

I’m saying no to spending money in such a fashion that can only be described as stupid and idiotic.

I’m saying no to buying lunch, and yes to making every meal I eat. Yes to fresh, No to processed.

I’m saying no to late nights, and yes to getting 6-8 hours of sleep every night……okay, 6-8 hours of sleep Sunday through Thursday  nights.

I’m saying no to over-indulgence. For this Holiday season, that will include even alcohol. Moderation is key, and drunk isn’t moderate.

This challenge will be ten times harder than the biking challenge, but I’ll accomplish it, because I want this. Previous ‘challenges’ with food, I didn’t reach my potential because ultimately I didn’t really want it. This time it’s different. I feel similar to the night before I started biking every day for 34 days. It’s just what’s going to happen.

Biking had a lot to do with that, and this is the next step in my transformation. I know what I can do, physically, and this challenge will help determine what I can do, mentally.

For the next 63 days, I’ll eat rationally. 63 days of dealing with the food that I’ve never been able to overcome, during the time of year which every weight loss journeyman goes on vacation.

The holidays are about enjoying your family and friends. Food doesn’t have to be a part of that equation. I’m setting out to prove that absolutely true.

I’m not exactly sure how I’ll go about it, but I might post daily photos of what I’m eating like I posted daily pics of my bike rides. That seems most likely.

Other than that, I’ll take it as I go.

Today,  as I wandered around my neighborhood and saw kids running around in their costumes, I realized Halloween is the beginning of the holiday season. It wasn’t my initial intention, but it makes sense. People overindulge, and why not start with Halloween? So, I’m bucking the trend. For more than 60 days.

And, for the record, I’m only 1 pound above where I last officially checked in; that is supremely good news.