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Day 8, a night ride. I was borrowing a friend’s bike for a few days and the crank shaft was all messed up. I struggled through a few days.

Day 9, I got my bike back! As a result, I took off on a 30 mile ride from Brooklyn to Manhattan. Here, I’m going over the Brooklyn Bridge.

Today, Day 10, I biked 10.65 miles round trip to a park. There was a big rally for this particular bike lane. You can read more about it here.

Here’s a shot of the crowds at the beginning and end of the 1 mile route.



In between the beginning and end, I rode the route from one end to the other using the park lanes. Prospect Park has a four lane street that winds around the park. 2 car lanes, a pedestrian lane, and a bike lane. Other than rush hour, the entire street is blocked off from vehicles. In a sense, there is a bike lane located 500 feet or so away from the controversial lane. What was more interesting, is that most riders congregated by the beginning and end of the bike lane in question. Hoards of families, just milling about. There were shirts handed out at the rally, and cupcakes at the end. What was really telling, to me, was that most attendees rode the one mile strip of lane and were done. An entire park to ride with their kids, and they stopped after this organized riding event.

Here’s the shot of me riding through the park.

It’s a fantastic route. It’s like the Brooklyn version of the kind of adventures you can have in Central Park. My guess? The bike lane opposition will eventually win out on this, especially with the reality that a great lane already exists. It’s entirely possible to fix traffic congestion without a bike lane, so my guess is they’ll get rid of it and keep some sense of the revamped lane structure.

In an effort to really get myself into the same kind of place I was mentally last summer, I’m hoping to tackle a few food issues over the coming weeks. I’ve said it before and had radio silence, but I believe I’m now ready. We shall see!


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Day 1!

Day 2!

Day 3!

Day 4!

Day 5!

Day 6!

Day 7!

So, 26.36 miles in 7 days. I’m hoping to double that over the next 7 days. I think I may actually double it with my riding on Saturday & Sunday. Last Saturday was shortened because I had my bike brought in for a tune up. Since then, I’ve been riding a friend’s bike. I’ll switch back to mine on Saturday, and I think we’ll get in a good 15-20 mile ride.

On Sunday, I’m checking out a biking event, so that’ll be another 15 miles or so, depending on how things go.

When I biked every day last year, I was mostly it’s a little harder to update regularly, since I’m working. I hope to be able to get a few posts in like this at least, to keep things interesting.

I also received my packet for the 2011 New York City 5 Boro Bike Tour. I am very excited. This will be my second time, and it’ll be on the same bike too. I’m considering an upgrade for the 2012 season of riding, so I’m hoping to put some serious mileage on my bike before then.

That’s about it. Feeling good about the rest of April’s 30 Days of Biking!

Days 2-3-4!

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Too busy to add photos, but I’ve added the mileage! Photos tomorrow!

Day 1 of Biking!

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Went my standard 2.18 mile ‘trip around the block’. I have a new phone, so I can’t add the photo right away. I’ll come back and edit this to add the photo.


I woke up late & still busted the bike out! There was freezing rain today!