I haven’t put my weight on the sidebar in a long time. Why? Well, same reason I don’t post as often as I should be. I haven’t done a few things in a long time. I haven’t worked out, eaten right, slept right, or made the necessary steps to stay on track. So, 242.5 is where I am. I’m actually shocked, to be quite honest. I’ve indulged myself much more than I am willing to admit.

There lies the problem. My ability to admit when things aren’t going right. I stopped listing my weight when it stopped going down. I convinced myself that it was a good idea to only post my weight when I lost. As you can see, I haven’t lost. I’ve gained. It’s a small gain, but I don’t want to live in the 240s. I want to live in the 200s. I want to make a real difference. The 240s…I’ve been here. I still get a few comments that I’ve lost weight, which is great, but it’s really not enough.

Yesterday I went out to get apple sauce for the girlfriend to go along with the pork chops we had for dinner. It was a last minute kind of thing; we didn’t notice the apple sauce in the fridge was bad. So, i put on my running pants and my sneakers, hoodie and went out to find some apple sauce real quick. There are two delis in walking distance, so I tried the first to no avail. The second one had it, but it was about a block away further. On the way back, I started to jog a bit. I was hungry, so that was really the incentive to pick up the pace.

I ran almost the entire length of the block. The block might be .2 miles in length, but it felt good anyway. I hadn’t broken a sweat in a few weeks. I got that itch again, and all it took was an impromptu jog. Jogging is something I can do, because it’s free. I can’t go biking right now, because I don’t have the right gear. I can’t afford a bike light or bike gloves. I think I’d need some sort of headgear to keep my head warm as well. I might get a few things I need(few different sized bike locks,bike pump) for Christmas, but I’m a bit limited in my resources to afford the minimal requirements to become a bike commuter. It remains my goal…it just might take until springtime.

I’m writing this remotely, so I can’t add 242.5 to the sidebar, but as soon I can, I will. I’ll start adding weights whenever I weigh myself, not just when there’s a loss. I’ll also start posting more, probably in this style, rather than focusing on this holiday challenge I’m working on. Day 11, by the way, started off well. Days 12-15 are going to be spent out of state for a much needed long weekend away, but I’ll be back on Monday.

I’m also bringing back my weekly Saturday posts. Maybe as soon as this Saturday, but as late as the new year. I’m getting out of my writer’s block and sorting things out. I write for another blog about sports, and had a revitalization of sorts with my creative flow.

So, that’s where I’m at right now. I hope you have a good weekend. I hope I have a good weekend, too.

Also, if you’re a veteran, thanks for what you’ve sacrificed.