I haven’t blogged in a long time. I’ve certainly thought about blogging, but I haven’t had anything besides ‘things are going okay’ and stuff like that. I’m actually have a great summer. It’s just different from last summer; for whatever reason, I haven’t had a desire to put much into words. It’s basically an internal thing right now.

Today I took part in a 6 mile off-road biking/running course with obstacle courses. Basically you alternated between running and biking the whole way. My girlfriend and I were a team. The final obstacle is a mud pit that you have to go through with your teammate. We made it, and we didn’t come in last place. That was really my only goal.

I started the course on the bike, and quickly realized this course was much more intense than I had bargained for. I struggled up a hill, and eventually found myself walking the bike up the hill. I walked it a bit a few other times during the course when I was with the bike.

When I reached the first running stage, I struggled almost right away. I didn’t prepare for running at all. I just assumed that I’d be able to swing it. I figured I’d be able to stretch out and get into a good stride. That didn’t happen. I walked much of the 3 miles. In short, it sucked.

So, as I sit tuckered out, I’m planning on incorporating running. Probably a Couch 2 5K program of some sort. Probably not an exact following of a plan, but something to get me moving. The time has come, I think.

My biking miles are up, I just haven’t had a chance to post them to my miles.