My internet weight loss rebirth is titled “Mick To 100”, and you can follow along during the soft opening on Twitter at @MickTo100. Soft opening is kind of funny, I think. I mean, we’re all kind of in the blogging business, and we want people to know what to expect. So, expect a bit of Twittering from me, but not much in the blog realm.

To go along with the business idea, I also haven’t really figured out what kind of blogging I’ll have. I’ve done a lot of various kinds of blogging, with my focus going on my food to my daily routine, to the types of workouts. I honestly am unsure about where I’m headed with this. Maybe Twitter will help me with that.

As of right now, this blog is still linked to the new Twitter feed, but that will change in time.

My name is Mick, and I live in New York City. I’ve biked more than 2,000 miles around the city, and consider myself a fairly seasoned cyclist, but definitely still a novice. I’m a novice in a lot of things, but weight loss(overall) is an area I believe I have some knowledge. I just haven’t put it to work yet. Perhaps it is time.