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I am at 239 pounds.

I cannot recall when I last saw 239 on the scale. I don’t think I was weighing myself at all during the time in my life when I went from the 220’s to the 240’s.  I vividly remember being 222, 227 maybe, in high school. It might have even been during the first year of college. The point is, however, that I haven’t been this low since probably 2004. Perhaps even 2002.

A few things have come into my mind during the last few weeks, and they’re all connected to this recent success.

I’m not thinking about 239 as a victory. I’m thinking of it as an expected result of all the hard work I’ve put in over the last several  months.

I’m looking at 239 as the second hill of a collection of hills I need to reach before I get excited about anything.

I’m realizing that my body isn’t going to look like it did when I previously weighed 239, or 222 or 210. I wonder if that’s something some people who lose a lot of weight are disappointed about. I don’t have loose skin yet, but I can tell that there are other fitness related things I’ll need to do to not look sloppy and lose weight.  ‘Toning up’ with various muscles seems like the best way to describe it.

I’ve accepted that this journey isn’t just to lose weight. It’s going to be a constant battle. Early on(July-ish), I had a few episodes of binge eating. Terrible choices, made on impulse. Over the last month and a bit, I’ve taken a lot of control over that.  I’m recognizing moments where I’d just eat something until it was gone. Eat three or four servings instead of one.

I’ve learned to taste things. Eating slower and with smaller portions, and at reasonable hours has done amazing things.   I haven’t talked about my diet much, but that’s really because I’ve been blogging about biking for a month. I hope to touch upon food in October.

230s. Great to be here, looking for a short stay before entering the land of Twotwenty. Haven’t been there in a LONG time…so, this will be a great challenge that I am ready for.


Day 29 of the 30 Day Self Challenge

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Did the same 9.5 mile loop as last night

I got started late, so the sun wasn’t cooperating with extending my ride.

Manhattan glowing in the distance.

It got dark very quickly.

Day 28 of 30 Day Self Challenge, Checkin’ In #59

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The weather has been crazy over the last few days…and it doesn’t look like it’s going to change.

I was happy to get in 9.5 miles without any rain. Yesterday was freakin’ wet. So far, Thursday is shaping up to be absolutely soaking wet.

I had a lot of headwind on my return ride from the pier.

Great sunset though!

I should have turned this ride into a nice long one, but I just wasn’t feeling it.

Instead, I stopped and read the various signs that are along the shore. I had no idea, but the Battle of Brooklyn(Also known as the Battle of Long Island) took place where I’ve been riding since June. The battle was the first for the young newly established nation. Isn’t that awesome? The same waters I’ve biked by, were the setting of the the first fighting of our country. Fascinating as hell!

I promise, either tonight or tomorrow, I’m going to address an issue(s) with Biggest Loser.

Day 27 of 30 Day Self Challenge

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Tonight’s ride was wet. It was raining all day. It’s going to rain all day tomorrow too. It’s warm though, so I went out there in it.

Most of the pics from tonight are blurry. Sorry about that. It’s wet though, that much is clear.

Heading along the coast. Low tide, so there weren’t any waves crashing into me.

It was dark very quickly. I’m just happy it wasn’t cold out!

More wet roads on the way home.

I’ll have a more sensible update tomorrow!

Day 26 of 30 Day Self Challenge

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Heading back to my sister & brother’s place…you  can’t notice it, but it was cold and wet on this ride. Drizzle was a bitch!

The only other photo I took. I barely went 4.5 miles, so that’s what happens!

Day 25 of 30 Day Self Challenge

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Here are the pics

Leaving my sister & brother’s house in Somerville, MA

Entering Davis Square, Somerville MA.  Great area for drinks and good times.

Took a few side streets to avoid the super busy roadways.

Getting back into traffic.

Heading towards my parents house. Notice the trees already turning.

Extended my route a bit to ride by a pond.

And that was about it! Day 26 will be a separate entry.

Day 24 of 30 Day Self Challenge, Checkin’ In #58

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I won’t have time to ride tonight, so I busted out the bike for a ride at dawn.  For the first time in a few weeks, I headed towards the Coney Island boardwalk, which is only open to bikes between 5-10am.

These photos are a bit blurry, but they’re great for showing the sun rising.

The shore was pretty empty at about 6:30am.

Not too busy in Coney Island either

aaaahh, the boardwalk.

It was actually a lot busier than I thought it would be for a Friday morning around 7am.

I passed Dino’s Wonder Wheel. It’s nearly 100 years old, and one of the best attractions in the area.

I went up Ocean Parkway, but figured I’ve shown that street enough. I took this street above to connect to mine. Sometimes it’s really busy, and other times it’s quiet like right here.

I’m not sure if I’ll be posting my rides day of this weekend, but I’m going to make every effort. Otherwise, it’ll be a quiet blog until Monday.

Either way. Have a great weekend!

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