I’m getting married in less than a month. Weight loss and food and working out is not far from my mind. Nor is this blog. My motivations have changed quite a bit, and I’m thinking of moving from this blog to something else. I peaked what, a year and a half ago? I was doing blogging and twittering, and everyday posts. Not much going on now. However, I’m still reading everybody’s content.

So, I may change from Going For 96. I’m pretty sure somewhere in the About section I said I wouldn’t. However, I think every blog represents a time in life. This blog represents the time during which I realized I have to make changes if I want to see 96 years of age. Mentally I’ve begun making those changes.

For one, I consider myself a bicyclist. I don’t need to record my miles anymore. The miles don’t make me a bicyclist, the riding does.

For two, I know I have a really shit relationship with food. That battle is largely mental, and it’s difficult to convey that into words regularly.

For three. I know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

I’m not sure exactly what my plan is. My new existence could be right here, or it might be something brand new. It probably won’t occur for a few months. Until the beginning of August, I’ll either be planning a wedding, attending a wedding, or honeymooning.

To be fair, I will tell you where I go, right here. I’m too damn lazy to hide my content here.

If you’re reading this still, thanks for sticking around.

Edit: I just realized this blog is officially 2 years and 10 days old. Hmm. Interesting. I always say that most blogs survive 1-3 years before flaming out. Maybe it’s true for some blogs..but perhaps we also just need a change. A fresh coat of paint, so to speak. That’s my plan.