We all know the 5AM guy. It’s not always the muscle head, because the muscle head guy lives to hit the gym. Hits it at prime time because there’s nowhere else he’d rather be.

The 5AM guy, is The Anti Jared, or it can be anyone who decides being fit is important and that means being awake at 5AM.

That’s the guy I’m going to become. Maybe it’ll be after work when I work out, but it’ll be a lot, and it might be at 5AM.

This might take a little bit of time to accomplish, but I’m ready. I’ve already started to get into the frame of mind just by reading the first third of Working Out Sucks. So far, it’s not saying anything I don’t know, but it’s asking the same questions that need asking. If a man with no legs gains the desire and ability to stand up and run…why the fuck can’t I do it at 5AM?

Simple answer; there is no reason.

Thanks Tony, for choosing me to win the book. It’s helped in a few short days already.

I’ll be back.