Last week I swam laps for the first time in maybe 10 years. I might have swam a bit at some point during the last decade, but not once was it more than just swimming around in a leisurely way.

There’s a public pool nearby, and they offer adult lap swim in the mornings and evenings. So far I’ve participated twice in 7 possible days. Twice in 14 possible sessions. That’s obviously not ideal, but between employer obligations and summer fun, I’ll take it.

Swimming was a big part of my life in high school and a bit through college. I wasn’t on a swim team or anything, but I loved swimming. I loved laps. I never figured out how to do the barrel roll flip that so many lap swimmers do, but I never really wanted to. There’s something gratifying about reaching the other side of the pool and slapping your hand on that wet concrete slab. Sure, faster, more graceful swimmers flip back and forth with ease, wracking up the lap totals. I like to count in lengths. I like to stop at each end, if I feel like it. I like the idea that as I build up my strength, I’ll eventually get to the point where I’m gracefully whizzing back and forth, I guess. It’s not about getting to the point of swimming like an olympian, for me. It’s maximizing my body workout when I probably wouldn’t otherwise.

As you can see from the sidebar, I’m maintaining a loss. I’m not going to announce it to the world, but people have commented on the weight loss. It’s primarily been through eating better, drinking more water, and getting more sleep(or trying to).

The next step, as always, is increasing the physical activity aspect of things. Getting a move on with the ol’ bod.

Hopefully I’ll have some more blogging in me as well.