In about 30 minutes I’ll be boarding a plane bound for Stockholm, Sweden. I’ll be there for the next 2 weeks, and I suspect I won’t have access to a scale during that time. I will definitely have access to a gym, though, and my goal is to establish a habit while I’m over there….by using the gym.

I think it’s an achievable goal, which means I should continue my weight loss without a problem.

The thing is, I’ve heard so many people who stay in hotels for a few weeks end up eating poorly and doing everything except hitting up the hotel gym.

I’m banking on the fact that it’s cold as hell in Stockholm, it’s the only thing I’ll want to do!

I’ll see about posting some pics of my adventures. I plan on walking quite a bit on Saturday and Sunday, so that should be fun.

Sorry for the brief post, I hope to have more soon!