A long weekend didn’t derail my thoughts about this blog, so the silence shouldn’t be confused for that. If my wordpress stats are correct, nobody is confused by that because nobody is actually reading this blog.  That’s fine by me as well.

So the numbers to the right show a slow decline in numbers, and a bunch of gaps of days recorded.  The gaps are for reasons like not being home, and eating too late to properly reflect any change. I weigh in in the morning, and I weigh in after my morning poop. It may not be the most scientific way, but it has worked for me.

I’ve done really well to not eat after 9pm, and I’ve done well to make somewhat good choices for eating. I’ve slacked in getting enough sleep, but that’s a big huge thing that needs to be addressed at some point.

It’s my dad’s birthday, and I’ve thought about the idea of how life would be for me at his age. How will I live life in 2043? He works out several times a week after years and years of not working out at all. Why? Lots of reasons. Why do we do anything? I tend to believe that we don’t really need multiple reasons, we just need one. I think it’s a choice to care about health and feeling good every day…or most days anyway.

Maybe it’s just a sense of growing up with respect to treating your body better. It’s all about finding that resolve. It seems so easy, but I feel like I’m way, way closer to that point than I have been in the past. I’m 15 lbs lower than my typical high when I start feeling like I need to lose weight. I’m 16 pounds from my low of 239 in 2011. I’m not sure when I will reach 239, but I’m going to surpass it in 2014. It’s going to be awesome.

It’s January 22, and it feels like the first day of January. It feels like the resolution period is just starting. More proof that a new year can begin on any day, you just have to want it.