In June 2010 I posted about several blogs that I used to link, and fretted about not becoming a dormant blog. I re-read that post and looked up where those folks are.

Plans Are For Fools re-emerged in 2013 after a hiatus almost as long as mine.

Melissa’s Journey re-emerged in 2011 as Loving Imperfections Perfectly and kept it up til February 2013. She probably will return, if I had to bet. 

Waste The Waist re-emerged in 2013 after a 2 year hiatus. His first return post was called “My Life Is A Loop”. Man, that sounds real familiar. Weird how that works out, huh? 

The Journey re-emerged in 2011 as Kos Mobility, but puttered out again. 

Cruising And Losing re-emerged briefly on January 1, 2011 to give a pep talk.

So what’s my point? Well, I weighed myself today and found that I’m almost the exact same weight that I was when I weighed myself on the same day in 2011. I had just eaten something, so my guess is the number is off, but I’ll put it up on the sidebar because..because fuck it, I feel like it. 

It seems as though I’m not the only one who is cyclical on the ol’ blogosphere. It’s just a matter of ending the cycle. 

2 posts within a few hours is a good start, right?