I fell back down to 261.5 this morning. I’m curious how tomorrow will look. I’ve really had an excellent week eating. Though, my diet sucks ass. There’s a reason I haven’t talked about my every day diet, and it’s really a matter of backing off crap and adjusting my diet to include fresh, home cooked food, and prepared lunches.

I see so many great daily food logs. I can’t find anything that is easy to use…and that something being something I really want to update every day. My mind is a Rolodex of diets. I know what I eat, I know the damage, I know why something isn’t working. So, I’m starting really slow. Preparing my own food is a gigantic step. Getting sleep is a gigantic step. I think that’s why I’m not posting my daily diet as well. I just don’t need to share it, for myself. I know what it is. That’s where I am right now with that.

I will either go running or biking this weekend. Perhaps both.