I’ve never imagined myself without a shirt, looking like one of the cover models on Men’s Health. It never crossed through my mind at all. I’ve never visualized washboard abs.

I’ve visualized myself in a medium shirt, without a gut. A proper fitting shirt just slightly overlapping the jeans that are size 32 or 34 maybe. Instead of an 2X or 3X shirt that hangs way below the waist, or worse, tucked in and pulled out a few inches over the waist. In hindsight, my guess is I was embarrassed by the bigger shirts I needed to wear when I was younger.

I’ve gotten a lot better. I’ve bought 2X shirts and wore them..and had to talk myself out of thinking they were tight. They weren’t tight. They just fit, and that happened to fit around the chub.

I think my point here is I don’t want abs of steel. While that would be wonderful, I really just want the basic ordinary thin guy look. It’s not a matter of wanting it, I’ll get it. You can bet your ass that I’ll get there.

I ate well today, mainly because I was too busy to think about food. Funny how that works out, huh?