I almost didn’t list my weight for the last 2 days.

I thought about mentioning that I was visiting family and using someone else’s scale, and thinking that would be cause enough to ignore numbers I didn’t like. The thing is, if the scale read numbers that were lower, I would’ve gladly accepted them and proclaimed victory for the day. I could’ve also listed the dates as ‘—‘, but that’d be lying. The one ‘—‘ to date is due to actually not weighing in. If I can’t be truthful here, there’s no reason to blog.

I also could’ve not blogged until the numbers were going in the right direction. The thing is, I’ve already tried that, and that led to months without blogging.

So, why the reversal of fortune? Partly because I’m eating out, eating late, and overeating. Partly because I’m not working out. I need to move my body while eating better. Cold weather is the lame excuse that I’ve been giving myself.

Tomorrow is a new day, so here we go.