Growing up, my dad would occasionally play The Numbers Game. Usually when the prize money was huge. The lottery held the numbers drawing during the last commercial break during Jeopardy, right before the 8 O’clock hour. I think the best he’s ever done was come up with 2 numbers, or whatever is necessary to win a free quick pick for the next lottery drawing.

I feel like I’m playing the numbers game on a daily basis, and I’m not seeing my number come up. The number is going up.

However, I know how this works. I know I ate late on Sunday night. I know I ate late on Tuesday night. I know I ate late last night. I ate dinner before 830PM tonight, and lunch and breakfast all week has been awesome.

I’m thinking tomorrow morning might be a bit better. Maybe not, though. If not, then we’ll take a closer look at what I’m eating.

No worries yet, I still have this!