Start date: 1/4
Start Weight: 265
Current weight: 261.5
Lost this week: 4.5
First Goal: 250

Technically the scale said 261.5 this morning, but it has fluctuated up & down all week,..but trending downward, which is the mission. I’m sure tomorrow’s weigh in will be 262.5 or 262, Sunday’s may be 261.5 again, Monday could be 260.5 or 261. During my last weight loss, the fluctuations were similar until I had gotten myself into a better schedule of eating. Late dinners are not uncommon for me, so it’s a matter of pushing those up earlier in the evening. I attribute this initial weight loss to simply cutting out trips to the candy machine, making breakfast at home, & bagging my lunch every day since 1/4. In my head, bagged lunch = portion control = less caloric intake than ordering lunch or stopping by the deli.

I’m also aware that 4.5 is more than double the recommended healthy weight loss per week, but I think that can be attributed to the initial change of diet. The bagged lunches I eat are maybe 500 calories, and the lunches I’d order out probably exceeded 1,000 when you factor in the soda and whatnot.

I’ve biked 40 miles or so since 1/4, and hope to bust out another long(20+ miles,or 2 10+ miles) ride this weekend to keep my body moving. I’ve also read about a bunch of home workouts with dumb bells that I’d like to give a whirl. One that seemed right up my alley was the dumb bell push up row(?), but I think I have the wrong name for it. It was in the most recent Men’s Health. A gym is opening near by workplace in mid February, offering $10/month deals, which I may take up on its offer. By then, construction in the office should be done, and the shower should be available..thus biking to work would be available.

Between maintaining the newly establish eating habits and getting on my bike, I’m hoping for a continued loss into next week.