A year and a half ago, I was riding high and called out a number of bloggers who vanished.

I posted those blogs because I didn’t want to become one. I don’t want to become a dead space. A failed dream floating through the interwebs. Unfinished business. Unlost weight. Gained weight. Failure.

There are so many things you can call it. Denial. Or maybe they discovered their weight loss plan off line? Why does it seem like that is probably not the case?

Maybe it’s just me. I don’t think it is though. I often read bloggers who I want to be like, or consider similarly minded in their weight loss goals or how they feel towards the challenge of changing their lives permanently.

I feel bad that I called out these bloggers, because I did my own disappearing act for a few months.

I didn’t really have a point here, I think I just need to tell myself that this venture is different.