I got really hungry at 10:30am today. The thing is, I’m not sure if it was hunger, or if I was just craving a snack that I would otherwise have. Candy, or chips, or something else shitty.

As I’m rededicating my efforts, I’m forgetting how it’s easy to want to revert to the easy way out. Strong cravings to junk food? Just answer it. That’s what I would normally say to myself.

What do you eat for snacks? Fresh fruit? Yogurt? Something entirely different? This is an area I need to build on. I’m a snacker, and until I can stop fully being a snacker, I need to substitute the act of snacking with stuff that doesn’t totally ruin my day.

I biked yesterday, and I’m going to go either biking or running tonight. Possibly running..just to get a sense for it. It would just be the 2.18 mile route I do for short bike rides, but it’ll take twice as long. Maybe three times as long.

Also shooting to hit the sack earlier than I’ve been going the last few nights.