A wise man commented on the last blog entry that I WILL lose 50 pounds, and that it’s not about trying. It’s kind of funny, because I had the same conversation with my sister via text this morning.

My sister & I battle the bulge differently, but we always find great ways to encourage each other. It might be a text that says ‘What was for lunch?’ or ‘I’m down 2 lbs from last week!’. This morning we exchanged stats, and she said “I’m going to try to get to the gym 3 times this week.”. I responded with, “We’re removing ‘try’ from our vocabulary.”.

I do believe the best way to actually do something you set your mind to is by removing the option to quit. “I hope to lose 50 pounds” isn’t as good as “I will lose 50 pounds.”, just like “I’ll try to eat better” isn’t as good as “I will eat better”.

In the rare instances of life, trying and hoping are negatives here. It’s about being affirmative in decisions.

In another news, I biked 5.22 miles tonight! On this day last year, I biked 2.18 miles in the morning. I’m hoping to bike tomorrow, too!