My future father in law & I were discussing weight loss plans for the wedding. He’s hoping to drop 40 lbs, I’m hoping to drop 50. I talked about my success in 2010, and how I need to get back into that mentality.

I feel good about my prospects. It’s all about saying no, and having that chip on my shoulder for the duration. If I sit and rest, it’ll fall away. I don’t want to be a fat groom, or a fat husband, or a fat dad in the future. I’m probably going to be bald in the future, and I don’t want to be fat and bald. 1 strike is good enough for me.

I’ve been adding blogs to my RSS feed that I can read on my smart phone. My thought is maybe the easy access will help keep things moving for myself. Reading others always inspires me.

For example, after reading Andrew’s Blog, I think I’d like to add a few sensible goals for 2012. I’ve previously created goals according to when I first started cycling. Basically June became my January. Maybe my running goals can be January – December. I’m not sure?

After a small break in typing, it looks like the ‘musings’ are done. Lol. I created some goals that I think are easy enough. I also cleaned up the sidebar and moved some stats around. I may redesign the blog as well. New year, new look? Maybe.