Last night I was having a beer with a friend who is 45 days into his new life as a non-smoker. He decided that smoking really wasn’t worth it to him, and he made the commitment to change.He showed me an app he has on his phone, and it blew me away. Every time he thinks about smoking, he pulls up the app to see how much he’s saved to date. It’s so simple, it’s amazing. Being that the app is free hammered the point home.

The app has the last day smoked, days without smoking, cigarettes not smoked, money saved, and time saved. The app allows you to set preferences such as daily amount of cigarettes, cigarettes per pack, and pack price. It also includes a section with health benefits according to those numbers you set. So, the longer you go without cigarettes, the more your body appreciates it.

I didn’t mention it at the time, but this app gave me an amazing idea.

Why isn’t there an app like this for people with poor eating habits? I downloaded the Quit Now app, and punched in 1 cigarette, 1 cigarette per pack, and the amount of money I typically spend on a given day on food that’s crappy. I’m a creature of habit, so it wasn’t very difficult to know what that number is. It might be harder for people who simply overeat everything or don’t have a specific fast food joint they frequent. However, I’m willing to bet money most people with eating problems know exactly where they’d go every single time when they’re going to eat poorly. That’s a topic for another day.

I don’t really know if this will work, but come Monday when I’m at work thinking about that lunch distraction, I’m going to use this app to fight the good fight. I think it might actually help!