I haven’t been blogging at all, but I’ve been preparing, that’s for sure.

In early November I became engaged to my long time girlfriend, and we’ve set a date for late July, 2012.

You know what that means? I need to do a lot of work to shed some poundage safely.  Using the rule of thumb that you shouldn’t lose more than 2 lbs a week, I could potentially line myself up to lose 56 pounds by July 21st.  That being said, I do think the initial weight loss could be between 2-4 pounds for a few weeks, depending on how my eating and workout ethic goes.

The important thing to note here, is this isn’t about just not being a fat groom. It’s about sticking to the plan I’ve been falling back from repeatedly.

For Christmas I received a new bike helmet and a sweat whicking jacket. In a few weeks my company is opening up the shower in the office. I plan on biking to work once that’s in place. Work is roughly 24 miles round trip. 250 miles a week will undoubtedly help me a lot. Correcting a lot of my dietary choices will, too.

That’s it for now. Just wanted to say that I’m back!