It was around 59 degrees when I went riding tonight. I had to wear long sleeves for the first time this month. Likely not the last time!

September 15th. Halfway through 30 Days of Biking. In 15 days, the number of people riding bicycles every day is going to dwindle significantly. Once October begins, the number will drop even further.

I’ve never biked beyond October 4th in my adult life. It sounds silly and insignificant, but it’s incredibly important in the grand scheme of things. 30 Days of Biking is kicking off my Reverse Commute. I may not ride every day into the winter, but I will ride every month from here on out.

30 Days of Biking happens in April and September. April kicks the biking season off, basically. September wraps it up. September, to me, is truly kicking off the reverse tend of the shitty things I’ve been doing in life. Food, exercise, attitude, the whole bit.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to do a nice sunrise ride.