Why I almost closed comments

Tony’s reasoning for taking a break

I know, I’m a lazy ass for not updating…but I can’t resist.

I’ll quit blogging the day it ever becomes about more than just my own weight loss.

This isn’t a comment on whether or not someone blogs for themselves or the attention. It’s a comment on the reality that blogs evolve as people do, and sometimes that means the focus shifts off themselves or sometimes(like me, right now) off the grid entirely. There can even be a flux of going back & forth.  The greatest example of this is Billy’s Lean Body Quest. He’s a normal healthy dude after battling…and occasionally returns when he needs a tuneup..and he tosses out some advice, but by & large his blog has become a resource rather than an interactive blog.

I love Tony. I do. I consider him a great inspiration.

Except with blogging.

“It is nice to see a post get 20 comments. 30 is great. 40 is phenomenal.”

I think 40 page views is phenomenal! Over a month! 🙂