I had 64 updates last year, in a year that my blog didn’t really start up until June. By November I vanished from blogging again. I think I peaked around August & September when biking ruled the world.

I put my weight on the sidebar. I’m up 12 pounds in about 6 weeks. I’m still 18 down from my starting weight.

This isn’t a Fall Off The Wagon post. I didn’t fall off the wagon. I relaxed on some things, and I essentially stopped any sort of physical activities. I didn’t forget my journey, and I didn’t return to many of my previous habits. Some of them, yes, but I’ve mentally turned a corner….or I should say I’m turning that corner.

My one activity was a 45 minute Spin Class that featured bikes that leaned and handlebars that turned. It kicked my ass to the point I was sore for a good week.

I’ve also been employed since the day after I stopped blogging. That, coupled with an increased demand to write for another unrelated blog, is what really took me away.

Well, yes, I slumped much harder than I expected this holiday season…but I didn’t slump entirely. I didn’t ignore the blog because I was guilty of eating like a fucking idiot. I ignored it because I had other stuff going on. I used to blog at all hours of the day; now my blogging time is shorter and it’s spread over a few different things.

That being said, I’m back. For Christmas I received a lot of cycling equipment that I’ll start using when the 2 feet of snow recede a little bit. A bike light, extra locks, a bonafide pump. Stuff ya need!

I’m going to explore the blogosphere, see how you guys are doing. Maybe find new friends, too.

Thanks for sticking around, if you have!