I haven’t had a ‘checkin’ in’ in a while, so here I am.

The No Zone is going well. I think the biggest thing is to understand that it’s an every day battle. Just because one day wasn’t great, doesn’t mean today can’t be great.

My sister has really taken to this challenge, and that has reinforced my plan to stay with it.

I haven’t added any photos, but maybe you’ll get some this week.  Thanksgiving is this week. It’s a week of typical over-indulgence.  Overweight people usually take the next month off.

People are making cookies and cakes and other unbelievably awesome food. I think it’s okay to taste these things.  The problem is eating stuff excessively.  This is the hardest time of the year. This is the time where good habits so far go to die.

I may post again later..time to go read up on some bloggin’ friends.