On the heels on my tirade about blogging and the community that makes it up, I thought I’d refocus myself.

Though I don’t participate greatly in the give & take of the blogosphere, it is a critical part of my weight loss. This blog is critical in my weight loss. My ability to look at my daily success and failure has a big impact on losing 30 pounds and reaching my ultimate goal.

Believe it or not, before my tirade I was going to turn my words about the ‘Big Six’ into something more personal, something I didn’t consider before but absolutely is a positive.

Mainly because I think the best way to utilize your own weight loss blogosphere is not by what kind of ‘persona’ you create within it, or how many followers you have on twitter and facebook. It has less to do with how many friends you find, and everything to do with how utilizing this new technological world changes your individual life.

Where do you look when things are shitty? Who do you look to when you aren’t sure about your own self confidence? Self control? Self esteem? Who do you want to read when you’re looking for like-minded individuals?

Marie Claire might have a larger readership than ol’ G96, but The Big Six is arbitrary.  The ‘best’, ‘most popular’ and ‘smartest’ list of weight loss bloggers is wholly decided by a smaller group of people than you might think. Take my extensive list of bloggers. I found the majority of them through other bloggers listing them on their own blogs. Everybody lists everybody. Everybody has a gigantic list of blogs. It’s one of the Codes of Weight Loss Blogging. List me and I’ll list you. Comment on mine and I’ll comment on yours. Give & Take. Makes sense.

Well, here are six that I take much more from than I could ever give. This isn’t an ‘award’. This is a list of weight loss folks I really feel I can relate to. Maybe they’re not a great fit for you, or for others. Doesn’t matter, not to me, who else reads them, as long as they keep writing.  I check them in the morning, evening, middle of the night. Whenever I need a pick me up.

Responsibility 199 – At this point, I consider Patrick a blogging friend. He’s a little older than I am, but his outlook on weight loss is ageless.

Clydesdale Project – I discovered Clyde around the same time I found Patrick, and consider him a friend as well.  I guess I’m using ‘friend’ in a weird way, since I don’t personally know any of these guys. He’s older than me as well.

For the record, fellas, I’ll be 30 in March.

The Anti-Jared – This guy, everybody in my blogosphere knows him. I’ve followed him a very long time. I think Tony should write his story, from the early days to today. I met his brother Joe at a book reading Brooklyn when his book about the Big Red Machine(Cincy Reds) came out, and you can absolutely tell these guys are cut from the same cloth. They’re different writers with different personalities, but they share a common theme. They really engage their readers, and you get a sense that their personalities bleed into their writing. So, Tony, write the book.  You know it’s waiting to be done. Then do a reading in Brooklyn. That would be awesome, wouldn’t it?

Zues Meatball – The most entertaining writer I read regularly. Nothing against any of the other guys, seriously. Zues writes like my brother speaks, and my brother is my hero. No nonsense, straight to the point, unintentionally hilarious, and motherfuckin’ driven.

Who Ate My Blog? – Stephen is a champion that I have mentioned before. I guess I’ve mentioned everyone on this list before. That’s okay too.

Anonymous Fat Girl – I wish I had found Bonnie sooner. She’s pissed off about weight loss in a good way. She constantly reminds me that this is a war we must be angry about.

I realized after considering my every day reads, that these are folks I’d love to have a beer with to pick their brains. Just to see what they’re thinking about on random ideas.

If any of you end up in the NYC area, first pint is on me. If you don’t drink, I’ll pay for your free water. 😉

Everybody has their own Big Six, even if they don’t realize it. Marie Claire doesn’t decide who the Big Six are.

We do.


*Edited to add a great song from James. off their new album The Morning After The Night Before