Alan at Pounds Off Playoff gave me an award!

I don’t think he named the award, but ‘Epic Manly Award’ seems to fit the bill, so I’m running with it.

Following the Geneva Convention protocols for blog awards, I will:
1.       Thank the person who gave me the award.

2.       Answer some kind of question or produce some kind of list.

3.       Identify one, or six, or ten, or whatever new blogs to pass the award onto.

1. Thanks Alan!

Alan, and maybe a lot of people don’t realize this, but I’m a HUGE baseball fan. I eat,sleep,dream, shit baseball. Alan has a great Pounds Off Profile series, including one about one of my favorite ballplayers of all time, Matt Stairs.

2. Random Facts About The Guy Who Writes Going For 96

1. I’ve toyed with the idea of emerging from the shadows of blogging anonymity. I may also wait until I reach some substantial weight loss number(say, 50 pounds).

2. I love Twitter(started on there ’08), Facebook(started ’06), Blogging(started ’02), stuff like’07),’06), and idea.long time). I have no use for an iPhone, iPad, Kindle(or any e-reader), Mafia Wars, or a PlayStation 3. I basically consider myself a selective early adapter.

3. I prefer going on a vacation than receiving a big priced gift.

4. I own maybe 15 DVDs,and only a few are of movies I consider my all-time favorites.

5. I’ve been drunk in Canada, England, Ireland, Spain, Thailand, France, and Germany.

6. I’ve pooped in Japan, but never officially entered the country.(layover)

3. Identify Blogs For This Award

1.  Anonymous Fat Girl – Bobbie has been a constant source of inspiration for me. Her intensity is fantastic.

2. Fatman Getting Skinny – John likewise is great inspiration. He reached 100 lbs loss, but I hasn’t been heard from since. I hope he returns. His video blogs are great!

3. Discipline Or Reget – one of the best blogs out there. I’ve watched this guy transition to a personal trainer. It’s been a fun ride!