I opted to keep biking after September ended. The girlfriend said, ‘Why don’t you try biking every day until you can’t?’.  No valid reason not to try it. At best, I’ll bike every day until the weekend of the 15th. I’m going away that weekend, and biking will be virtually impossible. Though, maybe not. We shall see!

This shot was taken at the end of the sunset last night. I’m heading out this morning for a longer ride. I’ve decided I’ll probably do just one photo a day of my rides…taking 5-6 is a bit much, though fun.

This week I’ll address an award given to me by Alan at Pounds Off Playoff. I sincerely appreciate the gesture…especially from a fellow baseball fan.

I’ve also accepted Big Clyde”s  Oktoberfast Challenge, and I’m matching his goals. 200 miles biked and 30 miles run. Considering I’ve walked just 2.2 miles in over 3 months, running 30 miles this month won’t be easy…but I think my body is ready. Shedding 30 pounds makes it a little more viable. During September I had started thinking about running, and now is my chance to follow through with it.

It’s almost 9am, time to hit the streets with the wheels. Have a great weekend. I’m going apple picking later today!