For the first time all month, I biked at least 20 miles in back to back days…and I actually feel pretty good at this point.

This is a lovely downhill not far from my place. I went this way again, after I discovered it’s a much quicker way to get up to the downtown area.

It was a nice day, though it got a bit chilly by the end of the ride. I have reached the point where I ride with the intention of ‘out running’ the sun. The goal is to get home before it’s dark…but try to make the ride a nice long one.  This is a shot of a main street about 10 blocks away. I used it to ride about 80 blocks. Short blocks, but still a good distance.

There was a steep incline at one point, but it wasn’t too bad. The street did get rather busy though. After this I had a bit of combat biking going on.

I went up long enough that I found the bike route. Downtown Brooklyn is glorious for bikers.

A few turns later, and I was approaching the downtown area. Straight ahead is the tallest building in the borough.

I thought about heading to Manhattan and changed directions at this point. Turned right and headed towards Prospect Park. Straight ahead here, is the 2nd tallest building, the Williamsburg Savings Bank.

This is near the exit of Prospect Park….well, one of the exits. There were cars driving through as they do during rush hour, so I was in the bike lane.

Ocean Parkway once again. This took me all the way to Coney Island. I thought about quitting and cutting halfway off to head home…but figured I may not get a ton of mileage in this weekend and might as well punch it up a notch.

Coney Island at sunset. The sign stuff to the left is Luna Park, the newest edition to the famed area of amusement rides. Kind of quiet tonight.

A familiar shot. Approaching the end of the ride, I thought it was a nice trip.

Doing back to back days of 20 miles was great. I feel like I really am a biker. Maybe not a cyclist, but a biker. What’s the difference? Well, I think cyclists are people who use their bikes to get everywhere, and bikers ride for health, fun, and right now I’m enjoying riding very much. You’d think, after 23 days, I would be sick of it. Anything but. I called my brother tonight and set it up so I’ll ride his bike this weekend. I’ll probably go over his house Saturday morning, ride from there to my parents house, and then on Sunday make the return trip to his house. It might only be 7 or 8 miles. It could be as few as 5. Doesn’t matter though, as long as I’m riding every day.

I’ve begun thinking about riding a few days into October, just for shits and giggles. I know if I take a day off, I’ll end up taking a well deserved week off. While it’s well deserved, the days of fair weather are fading, and it might make more sense to wait until it’s either too cold or too wet to ride.

We’ll see. There’s another week to decide everything.