I was feeling good today. It was also warm. Warmest day we’ve had in at least a week. There are thunderboomers going on outside now, rain smacking against the windows, and probably an end to the heat. However, before we got there, we got some great riding.

I decided to do a long loop that combined a few routes that I’ve established for myself. For starters, I headed towards the pier.

Heading to the pier, Manhattan lies ahead, New Jersey lies to the left. I had the wind behind me, so it was a nice trip. I doubled back and headed towards Coney Island.

I haven’t had a shadow pic in a while, so here’s one! Ohh, I also raised my seat even more today, maybe another half  inch. The difference is unbelievable.

In Coney Island, I went to the far end of the area, and looped around.

The Brooklyn Cyclones home. I’ve taken this same photo before…except they’re now out of the playoffs so there’s nothing going on here. The area, coincidentally, tends to quiet down a lot after the summer ends. I may give a tour of this area in the off-season. All the area needs is a little love.

Ocean Parkway. I looped around Coney and headed up this way. It’s about 5 miles to the street I turn on. Not too shabby tonight.

The goal was to get home before it got dark…and before the storm arrived!

Getting dark, cloudy, but I was almost home.

I ended up riding 20.70 miles. Woohoo! Good stuff.

I’m going home this weekend, so I’ll have photos from the Boston area instead. Not sure exactly what I’ll do, but I’ll have something. Probably not until Monday, but even so they’ll be here. I might try another 20 miler tomorrow…but that will depend on the legs.

I may gripe about Biggest Loser this week. I really, truly, hate that show.