I’m 2/3rds of the way through the 30 days of biking challenge. It’s quite amazing. 20 straight days riding a bike, and most days including substantial riding. I forget half the days I’ve ridden. They’ve begun blending into each other.

I may be retiring my bike map that started this journey in the first place. It’s actually in great condition considering it has been in my pocket during nearly every bike ride this summer. My girlfriend picked up the first map I got, and snagged another one today. So, I figured I’d take a few pics of the map so you can see what I’m using to get around the big city of New York.

This side I use when I’m heading into Manhattan or the one time i went over to Queens.

This is the Brooklyn side, the side I’ve looked at a million times. The green line on the lower left side is where I start a lot of time, and has been featured with the bridge in the background. I’ve taped a few of the tears, but you can’t really tell. I’ll hold onto this in case the other one gets lost or something.

I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go today. I didn’t want to ride far…but I didn’t really want a destination either. I zigzagged a few blocks before making up my mind. This is a block over from my place.

I was all set to go towards the water, and then I decided to head north instead. I wasn’t in the mood for headwind or big hills…so I went north to see what lay ahead.

Further up, the street became a bit busy, but it wasn’t too bad overall. Straight ahead here is the formerly tallest building in Brooklyn. An apartment building built last year surpassed it. IMO, though, this building is much nicer. More classic.

I decided to loop around Prospect Park and head back towards home going the way I usually come up this way. ‘Heartbreak Hill’? I coasted down that tonight. It was awesome.

This is from the second half of the hill, heading down.

I could have headed home after the hill and been there within about 2 miles. I opted to keep the ride going, and went down Ocean Parkway. This is a shot of crossing one of the intersections along the way. I went all the way down to the sea, looped by Coney Island and headed home.

Great day for a ride, but the temps are definitely falling. I think by the end of the month, I might seriously need gloves while riding.

21.35 miles. Not too shabby. My legs aren’t that sore either, so tomorrow could possibly be another long ride. Tomorrow morning will decide that, I think.