Today’s ride was around the neighborhood. It was an easy ride, and I didn’t push myself too hard. It was a little under 9 miles. Here are a few photos

This was taken at about 130pm…and the weather didn’t improve. By 6pm there was thunder, lightning and lots of rain.

I had the tailwind and the ride along the coast was fairly easy.

Instead of turning around at the pier, I opted to go through the neighborhood. This is one of the few bike lanes in my neighborhood.

This is a park not too far from me, and I’m a big fan. It runs along about 6 long blocks.

More of that park lane.

Heading back home.

Overall, I’m really happy. 16 days ago I set out to bike every day. At that time, I actually figured there would be a few days where all I did was go around the block. My trips of 2.16 miles is ‘around the block’, but it’s really down to the end of my street and back. I’m happy it’s 2 miles though; I feel like that’s still a very real distance. Around the block would be like, .25 of a mile. I’ve put more miles than I really thought I would. There is a weekend coming up where I’m going to Boston, but I’ll find a way to go biking. Since I did a little under 9 miles today, I think tomorrow I could punch it up a notch. We’ll see, though. I’ve done a good job not overdoing it.

I’m also really happy about my weight numbers. I don’t have any machine or computer to keep track, but generally consider something like 500 calories+- per 10 miles/or per hour. So 30 miles, 3 hrs, 1500 calories. I’d rather underestimate than overestimate. I’ve been thinking about how much my body burns -after- my workout. I googled it and discovered ‘afterburn‘. I’m a believer. Hours after my 30 mile ride yesterday, I felt like my body was still fired up. It’s also why I wasn’t concerned about the big drop of 3 pounds.

I think it might get easier to drop weight by biking…the concern is making sure my diet is changing with it so when I’m not biking every day, I don’t just gain it back.