Today I biked further than I have ever before, except for a 43 mile sponsored tour of NYC 7 years ago. I biked 30.78 miles around Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens. I think you’ll like the photos biking through Manhattan. It’s kind of what you might’ve expected when I first said I lived in NYC.

My girlfriend left her phones for work at home, and asked me to bring them. I opted to bike it instead of taking the train. It’s the first time I’ve consciously decided to travel by bike to complete a task.

I biked past Prospect Park. After realizing there is a bike lane about 50 feet to the right of this path in the park, I kind of think this one is a bit redundant. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a motion in the future to turn this back into a regular street. As long as it’s here though, I’ll ride it!

Downtown Brooklyn. I love this street.

Bike lane leading to the Brooklyn Bridge.

It took me about an hour to get to the bridge, which is par for the course. I was surprised though, because when I started out, I was dog tired already.

Have you heard of the ‘Canyon of Heroes’? It’s the street where parades run, and years ago the city used to have way more of them, for all kinds of reasons. My girlfriend works nearby. It’s actually Broadway,which stretches from the bottom of the Manhattan all the way up. City Hall and the famed theaters on Broadway are on the same street, just lots of blocks away from each other.

After dropping off her phones, I headed uptown. I decided I wanted to bike over the Queensboro Bridge, which connects Manhattan to the borough of Queens. I hadn’t biked over it yet, because it’s halfway up Manhattan. I took this street to get up a few blocks. Cobblestones! In Manhattan! I thought it was amazing because it’s an active street. There was a number of cars driving up it.

Park Avenue. In the distance at the end of the road is the Met Life Building. Years ago, it was the Pan Am Building. It’s located by Grand Central Station.

Third Avenue, I think. I switched over to Second Avenue, but can’t remember when. I rode the bus lane the entire time. It was really quite stress-free, considering where I was.

I thought this one really captured the gigantic-ness of New York City.

Riding up the Queensboro Bridge. Not a bad ride at all. It goes over Roosevelt Island, a small island with a bunch of apartment buildings.

Further on up the bridge. It was a really long bridge…with the best descent ever. I FLEW down.

I tried to capture the distance of this bridge from the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges, but as you can see it wasn’t really possible. It’s far though. If you look up a map of NYC, this bridge isn’t anywhere near the others.

View of the water…as you can see, there are no other bridges for quite a while. There’s another way up connecting Manhattan to The Bronx borough,  but I don’t believe I can go biking over it. I’d have to seek an alternate route. Someday I’ll bike to all 5 boroughs on my own!

I found this road not long after the bridge. It connected me to familiar streets, but it ran for about four miles before I got to a place I had been before. Great ride here, with excellent views of the city.

More of the same street.

Overall, 30 miles didn’t feel bad. My legs feel great.

It’s supposed to rain tomorrow evening, so I might try doing an early ride. We shall see!