I didn’t want to ride my bike today. I got up really early to vote, and then couldn’t vote(machine busted). I went to jury duty, and was home by early afternoon. I was so freakin’ tired. I napped, woke up at 7pm, and still didn’t want to go biking. I went to vote and successfully achieved that.

I got home, and put on my cycling gear, filled my bottles, and took the bike on a 9.5 easy ride to a pier I go to so often.

It looks darker in the photo than it actually was.

Really great night for a ride.

Definitely need to invest in lights soon.

I really wish this bridge had a bike lane. I’d love to bike over it.

Long story short, I’m glad I went biking, even though I really didn’t want to. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow or Thursday. Not sure which. I’m going to see about biking earlier tomorrow just in case. 2 weeks into the 30 day challenge, I feel pretty good. Legs are bit tired, but overall I’m feeling great. May see more rides like this if the legs need it.