Much nicer day today, but the temperature has dropped substantially. The seasons are most definitely changing. You can see it in my photos today.

Breezy day, and it -looks- like it was going to be a nice day…but the weather reports suggested rain within hours. That’s why I left around 4pm for my ride. Great wind off the water, I could smell the sea.

I realize, this sort of looks like I’m trying to show you my crotch. I’m not, I swear.  I thought it was a cool shot nonetheless.

I bike over this bridge whenever I head towards Coney Island. There are a slew of mechanic shops after it, so sometimes I’m dodging beat up cars.

I looped a long ride around Coney Island before stopping here. This is the home of the Brooklyn Cyclones, the low level minor league affiliate of the big league New York Mets. I believe 7 guys on the current Mets roster at one time played here. This place has done wonders for the area. There are people outside the gates waiting for the start of their playoff game. 3 hours later there would be rain and the game was postponed to tomorrow! Looks pleasant right here though, doesn’t it?

I went almost the same route home, but decided to mix up the streets. I might write an article about non-bike lane routes for locals to use, and this is one street I’m considering using. My area doesn’t have a lot of zoned bike lanes, so I thought some research was needed to see which streets might work. This one would! As you may be able to see, clouds have rolled it. I’m about 8 miles up from the coast at this point.

The clouds are here, and I briefly contemplated riding for additional 5 miles…I’m glad I didn’t. My girlfriend arrived home at the same time, and we headed to do some food shopping. As we shopped, the skies opened up and it poured! I’ll have a post about shopping later.

I biked 15.05 miles today.  I really didn’t want to ride, but 13 days in, why the hell not? Started out easy, and got solid mileage in. Tomorrow is Primary Day and I also have to report for Jury Duty. A very civic day, indeed. Hopefully I’ll get my bike out before the sun sets!