First, the photos

I biked 18.55 miles, but only had 4 photos to show for it. The reason is I was biking around Downtown Brooklyn and it’s what I consider “Combat Biking”. Basically, that’s biking in a busy area. It wasn’t safe or smart to try snapping pics while on these streets.  The number two reason is I explored an area I hadn’t really gone before. I actually ended up going down that parkway I mentioned yesterday. I was going to go over a bridge or two, but decided to change my mind when I got closer.

I liked my ride, but I’ll be honest, I don’t think I’ll go that route again. The area isn’t the greatest, and isn’t the kind of place to be alone. It’s an area that can sometimes be a setting for bad things. Not sure how else to put it, but that’s that.

I also hit a new low in weight, which is awesome. I kind of figure this could be a great month if the riding keeps up. I’m going to talk about eating in the next day or so…but the bottom line is it’s going really well. The key has been to just sticking with things, regardless of what the scale says.