One week into the self challenge, I’m feeling pretty good. It’s amazing how the 2 mile ride helped a lot in energizing myself today. I was able to peel off 17.44 miles in less than 2 hours.

I blended a few routes that I normally do separately. This street is leading to the big hill that I am getting very close to defeating. For me to defeat a hill, I have to reach the top of it without feeling like it kicked my ass. It’s still kicking my ass, but I’m not stopping anymore on the way up.

This is the approach of the hill. It doesn’t look bad here..but the incline sucks, and then it turns and inclines again. This hill is parallel to Prospect Park, which I was riding in a few days ago. I passed by it today, but opted to stay out of it.

This path runs alongside Prospect Park.  The city basically turned a two lane street with a parking lane into a one lane street with a parking lane and a dedicated bike path. I’m sure there are many folks who aren’t happy about it…but I love it. This street empties to a rotary and I imagine occasionally there are traffic jams.

This is a path located on the west side of the park, a little beyond the park actually, that I had never ridden on before. It reminds me of the Ocean Parkway path I ride on so often.  Some day I will ride this to its end.

Back on a street I recognize. This long street stretches for miles and links the park to the ocean. I haven’t checked, but I’d guess it’s 8 miles long.

I spent so much time on this street, I took a second photo. At the end of this street, I turned on my safety lights.

The photo is blurry, but this is the coast I ride along so frequently. I basically did a giant park to sea loop. For the first time, the waves were crashing over the wall as I rode, spraying mist as I went by. Not sure the last time I biked by high tide.

You know what I realized just now?

I’m not looking forward to the time change. It’ll be darker MUCH earlier. I will have to ride in the dark or not at all.

Looks like I’m going to have to research becoming a night biker.