10.64 Miles today. First time I’ve ever biked 5 consecutive days. I can really feel it in my legs..so tomorrow may need to be a really short ride. We’ll see. Onward with the photos.

This street is right by my place. Didn’t notice how great the trees make this road for riding.

Beautiful day for a ride. As you can see, clear and sunny. Visibility was great too. I’ve biked through this park before. I love it.

Same park. I’ve taken a blurry photo of this stretch before.

The park empties out to an overpass. I’ve taken sunset photos from this bridge before. The view was nice. The water looks so clean, doesn’t it?

In the distance is the overpass I normally cross when I head to the shore. I nearly ended my ride here…but opted to keep going and stretched it about 3 more miles.

Though I’m sore, I’m feeling good about things. 5 days of biking done…25 to go.