16.36 Miles today. Went to Prospect Park in Brooklyn, NY. Prospect Park is the largest park in Brooklyn, and it has just about everything that you might find in Central Park, including a zoo and ponds for paddleboats. Central Park gets a lot of love, but Prospect Park is fantastic in its own right. There are 3.35 Miles of road for biking, and probably a few more if you add the various roads that crisscross the park.

We biked about 5 miles before reaching the park. This pathway led right to the cycling lane that would take us into the park.

The first half of the ride includes a huuuge hill. A hill that has defeated me time and time again. This time, I reached the top without stopping. This is one of the resting spots I’ve used.

This is a view from the top of the hill. It doesn’t look bad…but it’s a really long steep sloping hill.

On the second half, there’s a lot of downhill. You can pretty much coast half of the ride.

We rested at the end of the hill. It was a beautiful day for biking. Easily one of the best I’ve had since I started riding.

Prospect Park is awesome. Even the ducks agree.

I’m tired, so I’m going to finish here…but I hope to talk about my interactions with a few other bikers that really bothered me. I hardly ever talk to anyone when I’m biking, and had two different exchanges that were both surprising and annoying.

Day 5 will likely be a shorter ride. I have a wedding to attend!