Day three of biking every day in September kicked off with a 6am wake up call. By 7am, I was out the door. For the first time since I started riding, I headed towards the Coney Island Boardwalk. It’s only accessible by bike between 5-10AM.

The photo above is a familiar shot, but it’s from about 7am.

This is another shot of a service road I ride down quite a bit but haven’t bothered taking a photo of. Further down it gets busy with parked cars and a kiddie park.

I took this photo while moving! I thought it came out awesome!

Clear sailing down the boardwalk.  Turned out to be a beautiful morning for a ride.

Further down the boardwalk, by the famous Parachute Jump.

Ocean Parkway once again.  In all, I biked 13.36 miles this morning. I’m already almost halfway to my August total of miles biked. I may have to shorten a few rides if I expect to do this for 27 more days.

That’s all for right now, I have a friend visiting and we’re heading out!