“Well, whenever you put your mind to something, you always stick to it.”

I was hanging out today while the girlfriend was watching a bunch of the Harry Potter movies on the Family channel, and during random banter, she said the line above.  It was related to my weight loss journey, but it wasn’t like she was trying to be a cheerleader. She meant it in the grand scheme of things. When I want to do something really well, I’m almost always fully engaged in it. When I want to learn something new, I immerse myself in it. I really gobble up as much as I can about whatever it is.

The thing is, I’m not a type A person who goes all in or not at all. Sometimes I’m kind of interested in something, sometimes I learn just enough to understand. I’ve had jobs where I’ve just done enough to get by.

So that was her point;when I truly enjoy something, I get very involved in it. Biking, for instance, I’m very involved. I’ve researched biking and commuting and all the various things associated with it. I recently started looking at coins more closely following a chat with an old numismatist. Maybe I won’t become a numismatist, but I’ve thrown myself into it to find out if it’s something that could become a hobby.

This journey is, I’m realizing, the first time I truly put my mind to it. There’s a reason I’ve lost nearly 20 pounds since June. I’m constantly thinking about it. I’m not letting excuses change my direction. Occasionally push me back? Sure, but I haven’t given up when I normally would.

It’s a great feeling, when you realize that this time it’s different.