My sister and my friend are visiting this weekend, and my friend forgot his bag at a bakery he went to on Friday. So, he needed to get his bag before heading out for another trip he was making this weekend.

I took the opportunity to attempt a great feat; race the train. My friend left my apartment on foot when I left by bike. I made lots of jokes that he was going to sit on his ass and eat a muffin while I was huffing and puffing.

I wasn’t kidding. He was making a breakfast snack for the ride!

We left, and I was riding amazingly well for the route I took. There’s a hill that I’ve started calling Heartbreak Hill, because it slowly inclines, turns and inclines even more. Today though, I didn’t stop at all. I powered through and found that I wasn’t even that tired.

45 minutes after I left, I find myself at the middle of the Manhattan Bridge, about 20 minutes earlier than every other trip I’ve made over any bridges in NYC.

I followed directions given by Google Maps, and ended up on this short cobble stone road in Chinatown. Good road though, for getting to the next block over.

I turned left and headed up another street. I noticed there were barricades and I thought maybe there was a weird block party in Manhattan. I saw 5 such things in Brooklyn during my trip. It wasn’t a block party though. It was Summer Streets, something I never heard of before today. Long story short, the city blocks off an entire avenue stretching much of the borough, and bikers/bladers/runners/walkers take over for three Saturdays in August. It was great because I caught the tail end of it and was able to cruise easily up 15 blocks.

Nothing beats a clear open road. It really was awesome. This is 4th Avenue approaching Union Square.

I arrived at the bakery a solid 20 minutes before my friend did. The one bad thing is I started cramping up a bit.

I set off after seeing my friend and made a few roundabout route changes before deciding to face the Williamsburg Bridge again. I’ve mentioned it here before. My goal was to ride all the way over with only one break at the top of the bridge. It was successful, so it was a doubly great day with pushing myself to new limits.

Here’s the approach. I think the low heat today had a big impact on pushing myself.

Here’s where I rested.

I didn’t take anymore photos, but I’ve shown pics of my route home this way in other posts.

All around, a good day. May not bike again until Monday. I covered 24 miles today. 275 since I started. Woohoo!